Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

My jewels

My little clown

I love this pic...big bro, little bro

These two get such a kick out of each other. Hard telling what Nate was doing, or what they were up to.

Jess won't carve her pumpkin...she doesn't want it to die (lol)

Jess and her Uncle Brian...isn't she pretty?

Emilee cheer competition #2. This is the first year the Junior High has gone to competition. They have been offered a bid to attend the National Comp...big honor!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just Some Pics

My gang!

Nate tending the fire so it's good and ready for the camp out later that evening.

Jess at her first cheer competition ever. She did AWESOME! The girls wore pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness month.

Heading off to Cheer Competition number one of the season.

Poor little guy got stung by a bee right under his eye

Aren't they cute!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yeah Yeah, I know…I never blog and now I post 3 times in a week…what’s up with that?

So, I have recently started my own “Happiness Project” and one of my resolutions for August is to pay attention to the funny things the kids say. That was an easy one, cuz they do keep me laughing. Anyway, through the year as Jess and Joaquin have been learning English they have come up with some pretty funny stuff. Sometimes just in the way they pronounce things or the accent on certain words. Well, we have two things that J and J came up with that the rest of us thought was very creative and funny. Both of which Emi and Nate also starting using. And now even I say these two things. So they have now become “Hollisisms” that make me smile every time we say them.

Before J and J…we always called pajamas either PJs or Pajamas. J and J combined the two and now we call them “P.Jams”

Before J and J…girls had panties and boys had underware. Thanks to J and J we are now not gender specific cuz we all wear “Pantywares”

Pantywares (panties and underware)
P.jams (PJs or Pajamas)

So maybe you don’t find these funny, but for me these Hollisisms make me smile and remind me to laugh and enjoy the little things that come about thanks to my kiddos. Hope they made you smile too!

Oh, in case you are wondering what a “Happiness Project” is…check out this blog:
It is not a biblically based site, but I find a lot of great info as gentle reminders of everyday situations.

She's a Teenager

Ready or not, today I became and official mother of a Teenager. We love you Em and are VERY VERY Proud of you!!!

Some of her best friends came over at midnight to decorate our garage for her. What good friends!!!

Emilee lives life to it's fullest. Proud to be who she is as a young lady and Christian, loves having lots of friends, enjoys helping others and gives 110% at everything she does!
At cheer camp she won Most Spirited! Imagine that!

She'll try anything at least once...You GO GIRL!

And one of Nate, Just for Fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time Flies!!

I am a terrible blogger...when I pulled up the blog to check my last update I couldn't believe it had been so long. Aye aye aye!
It's been so long it's almost hard to put it all in a nut shell...

The kids are all doing so well and are starting to get things ready for the new school year to begin. Football and cheerleading are in full swing and so far Jess is enjoying learning all the cheers. Joaquin is not playing any sports yet, however he has made some friends (siblings of kids who play with Nate) and loves going to practices and games to play with his "buddies".

We went to Disney and had a WONDERFUL time! It was super hot but not terribly crowded. The kids had such a good time they didn't want to come home. I have spent some time thinking about how much they have grown in the past year and it blows my mind. The summer has been so busy I almost don't know where all the time has gone.

I have been able to work minimum hours this summer so I have had lots of time with the kids. Once school starts I will be working a more regular schedule, but will be able to get the kids on the bus in the morning and be home every day by the time the kids get off the bus. I have to give thanks for my job and the flexibility I have.

We also had a chance to visit with The Uhlenbrock family.Their girls and J and J lived in the same house at the orphanage in Colombia. Jessica spoke of their girls often.It was so nice to get to visit with them. What a sweet family and they have the most adorable girls!

And lots of kid pics for ya!

Now those are some good looking kiddos...hee hee

Goofy...a perfect fit!

Always smiling, always having fun

Emilee's favorite princess

Papa and his girls

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the News

The article about the adoption is in the paper this week...Front page, top story.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May in Review

I am not doing too well with keeping up with the blog…geez…where does the time go?

Here is just a quick update on the happenings of the Hollis household…Oldest to youngest.

Emilee – Number one, she is growing up WAY TOO FAST! Seriously, how does this happen, they grow up right in front of our eyes and we don’t even realize it. Anyway, she is doing awesome. She ran track and did a great job and loved meeting new people and the exercise. And I have to say I was quite impressed with her running. She tried out for 8th grade cheerleading and made the team again. But this year they will build and go to competitions, so it will be an exciting year. She is planning some time to volunteer around the community, which she has to do for National Honor Society. I went with her to Cedar Point for a chorus trip, where her chorus competed and had some fun at the park. It was nice to have some time with just her. She is now thinking ahead for fundraising ideas so she can attend the 8th grade Washington DC trip next May. She’s a thinker, a planner, and an all around darn good kid.

Nate – Soccer is over and baseball is in full swing. He is doing an awesome job. I LOVE to watch him play sports. He always gives 110% and loves every minute of his sports. His papa, my dad, is one of his coaches, which Nate loves and thinks is really really cool. My dad has coached for many years and knows baseball inside and out. Eric is enjoying being a spectator and hanging with the other dads. He is really excited to be out of Elementary School and into the Junior High next year. They have 2 weeks left of school and one of those days he gets to take a limo to a big pizza joint for having straight A all year. Nice treat from the school! Nate is such a big hearted kid and watching him mature is such a pleasure.

Jessica – Oh miss Jess. She is getting prettier and prettier everyday and her hair is so long. She has never been able to let her hair grow so she thinks it’s awesome to have long hair. She was chosen to be Miss Poppy in the parade today for Memorial Day. She got to sit in the back of a convertible and wave like a princess. Then she had to lay poppy flowers on the graves at 2 memorial services with the American Legion. She was in the news paper, picture and all, and she thought she was famous. She talks about Disney every day and loves going to gymnastics. She will start cheerleading practice the end of July. She has done an amazing job in school this year. I could not be happier and more proud of her hard work and accomplishments. She loves to help me around the house and is very thoughtful. She and Nate get along so well, they have the same sense of humor and love to tease each other. She will laugh at Nate from deep in her belly and always makes me smile. Her artistic ability is amazing for her age, I love the items she makes at school and brings home and am anxious to watch this aspect of her life develop. It’s an area that we encourage her to be proud of herself in and show off to the family. She is a very sweet and affectionate kid and is a real daddy’s girl!

Joaquin – My little man is just as funny and energetic as ever. He has made some friends, brothers of Nate’s baseball buddies, which he thinks is cool. He too is doing a super job in school and has come such a long way academically. His karate session is over for now, but I am anxious to get him involved in something soon. I am hoping maybe a soccer program in the fall. I am realizing as I write this that my daily alone time with him will be over in just 2 short weeks. Everyday he comes home and makes me smile. His eyes, his smile, his accent, his mannerisms, his funny oh so witty self keep me laughing and appreciating what he has to offer in life. We have kept an extremely tight leash on him for the last year, and I am feeling like it’s time to start letting it go a bit and let him prove himself. We have worked on so many things this year, about making good choices. He is so young in his maturity and has an awful lot of bad habits to break but has made great strides in the past year. He is coming around, but still has a way to go. He is so darn cute and full of life that I can’t wait to see where his life path takes him!

The local news paper asked to do a story on our adoption and will be printed in two weeks. Hopefully it will inspire other families in our community to pursue adoption. The lady from the paper was very intrigued by our story. Her final question to us was “So are you finished adopting?” There was an awkward pause as Eric and I looked at each other not knowing how to answer. Instinctively, I would have said no, I want one more, and he would have said yes, this is all we can afford. So Emilee broke the silence with “Maybe a little one from Ethiopia,” And I agreed that we would love to have a little one from Africa, but nothing is in the works. And Eric chimed in with “Maybe we will just run a Children’s Home or orphanage, our work here is not yet finished!”