Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Events

Here are some pics to do a review of our last few months.

In November baby Hunter was born. A new nephew to love on. Emi was in the room while Aunt Jeanie gave birth to Baby Hunter. She completely enjoyed the experience and found herself in tears and in awe of the process. She adores Hunter and was asked to be his God Mother. VERY COOL!

Nate's football team won his 5th Superbowl in a row and Emi and Jess were in several cheer competitions. Also, Nate made the Junior High Basketball team!

We went to the zoo and saw all the Christmas lights and made gingerbread houses.

The boys got Tennessee gear for Christmas from Grandma Starla and Papaw Ronnie...GO VOLS!

We made it to the international food store and got lots of items from Colombia and the things to make empenadas. YUM!!! When we stayed at Zuetana, one day they had a cooking session. We learned how to make empenadas and brought home the recipe!

And we've gotten lots of snow lately to play in!

And Jess turned 9 years old this week.
Here is a pic from just after her birthday 2 years ago while we were in Colombia and then one from this week. I can't believe how much she has grown! Little Jess isn't so little anymore. She has grown in every way imaginable. She is very concerned for others and is making good friends. She is terribly concerned for the people in Haiti right now and speaks of things we can do to help, like send toothbrushes, soap, and clothes (which we have done). She loves art and being crafty. She loves music and her iPod. Jess is very sweet and a big time Daddy's Girl!