Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fall/Winter 2010

In short, life is Fine and Dandy, everyone is doing well and all are happy, busy and content. Our fall was full of running around with all 4 in demanding sports and getting in routine of 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th grade. Now the school year is half over and I can hardly believe it. The holidays have come and gone. We had a great Christmas and have started off 2011 on the right foot. I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for all of us.

Daddy and his girls

Eric Emi and Nate went to a race

The fall in review:

Jess has just grown by leaps and bounds the last 2 1/2 years and is a beautiful girl. She spent the fall starting out in cheerleading again, but soon decided she would much rather keep up on the swim team. Jess isn't into the sports as much, but she does love to swim. She thought about taking piano, but then changed her mind. She did join Spanish club and Craft club at school and loves every minute of her clubs. Jess loves fashion, being creative and doing for others. She is a social girl and has a HUGE heart. She has just blossomed into a very fun kid who has finally found herself and is comfortable in who she is. Although I don't want her to grow too fast, I am anxious to see where life takes her. Jess is a pleasure to watch grow.

She made a gingerbread house and carved a pumpkin

Mom, Jess and I got to go to see the Nutcracker! We had a great time making memories and having time with Just Jess!

Big Bro Nate showing Jess how to use her new phone Santa brought her

Joaquin has come amazingly far and we are so proud of him. He controls his behavior and is doing awesome in school. He played football this fall and had a blast. He was one of the 2 smallest kids on the team, but that didn't bother him at all. I was thrilled that he made some new friends and went to a birthday party for a friend, which was another first! I was still leery in the fall that he wasn't ready, socially, for sports, but by the end of the season I couldn't believe how much he matured. The last few months he has just grown in so many ways. He is going to play soccer in the spring and we KNOW he is going to love it. He still adores his big brother and is so full of personality. I really can't express how proud we are of him. He is just doing AWESOME!

#78 our "little man"

A typical day in the life of Joaquin includes things like...
Making yourself a super hero out of tissue paper from Emilee's birthday gifts...

And a popcorn bucket for a hat...always making us laugh

Trampoline shoes...life doesn't get much better

Nate again played football and is currently doing wrestling. Wrestling is a first for me, not sure I liked it at first, but Nate loves it and is doing great. Wrestling was one of Eric's prime sports growing up, so it's been fun to watch Nate learn from Eric. Nate a real ladies man and maturing quickly! Nate also took a test to try and get into an elite high school, St Xavier High School. He came to us requesting that we allow him to take the entrance exam. We are quite proud of him for his efforts. There were 1200 test takers and the school only accepts 400 freshman. He should have his results in about 1 week. We are praying that if he is accepted God will show us whether or not to send him. It is quite expensive, but we know if this is God's will for Nate, that He will provide the way. Nate is showing a great desire to mature as a Godly respectable man, and we love that about him and are praying about how God would have us parent that desire.

Go #33!!!

Taking care of the family...filling the freezer for the winter

And a typical day for Nate always includes a little time cozied up with one of the dogs

Look at those muscles!

Emi suffered a major knee injury at cheer camp over the summer and had quite a time with her recovery. So cheering all thru football season was a struggle but she is all better and cheering for basketball and doing a few cheer competitions. She has decided this will be her last year to cheer. She has decided to work out at the gym and do zumba and other aerobic activities to stay fit instead of sports, so she can free up more time to work with the Special Olympians, be involved in her youth group and to do community service work. A few months ago Emilee decided to start looking for some part time work so she can save money to put towards a car, she will get her temp license in a year, and she also wants to go to Barcelona in two summers with Spanish club. We are proud of her for working hard for things that she wants and not expecting to have things handed to her freely. She is a hostess at the favorite Mexican restaurant in our town. We couldn't ask for a better teenager and example for her siblings.

Emilee getting the spirit to go to Cheer Camp as a camp coach...no wonder she has knee trouble

Emi and her GodSon...her favorite boy in the whole world

And the day after Christmas Emi and I got to go see Wicked on Broadway which was AWESOME!!