Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time for an Update

School came to an end, Baseball is over, vacation and our trip to visit the
Calderaro's is over. Now it's time to dive in head first to football and
cheerleading and start looking towards a new school year beginning.

So let's see, let me try to catch us up...
Joaquin and Jess finished the school year and swim season doing awesome. They
have both grown by leaps in bounds in so many ways. Jess is becoming a BEAUTIFUL
young lady with so much personality. She is happy and loving and a caretaker at
heart. She has started cheerleading again this season and loves the social
aspect of the team. She is so creative and LOVES to help cook and do project
type of things. Jess has a huge heart. Here is a typical Jess story. The last
day of school at recess she picks out the girl in her class that no one plays
with and Jess plays with her. Jess just wanted to make this little girl happy.
Typical Jess.

Joaquin is working hard at keeping himself in check and is so smart. Joaquin
has decided he wants to try football instead of playing soccer this
we'll see how this goes. He always keeps us laughing and LOVES is big brother.
Just the other day he says, "hey mom, can brothers be friends?", "yep Joaquin,
brothers can be friends, brothers should be friends, it's the best way to be." I
say. Then he marches himself over to Nate and says, "hey buddy!" It's so cute to
watch him with Nate. But as much as he outwardly adores Nate, we have learned he
is quite bonded with Emi too. Emi, back in May, went on a trip to DC with her
school. Emi went by plane and was not allowed to take her cell phone, so there
was not much communication. We sent her with a calling card in hopes she could
call once or twice. The day after she left Joaquin woke up searching for Emi. He
was not at all happy that she wasn't home yet. I explained how many more
"sleeps" it would be till she came home. Over the next several days this is what
I heard over and over and over again... "Are you sure Emilee is coming home?"
"Why did she have to go on a plane without us?" "Is Emi coming home now?" "When
is Emilee gonna get here?" The poor little guy was beside himself, he just
couldn't convince himself that she really would be back. He cried himself to
sleep at night begging for her. Needless to say he was super excited to see her
when she came home and everything went right back to normal.

Nate had a great baseball season. His team came in first in the league. He is
maturing gracefully becoming a young man and learning just what responsibilities
go along with this "growing up" bit. He has started football conditioning with
the 8th grade team, which is a new experience. These are kids he has never
played sports with. But so far so good! He has had a lot of changes and new
experiences this year and we have watched him grow as a result.

Emi finished out her middle school year with the 8th grade dance. She looked
beautiful. It was a delight to dress shop, take her to get her hair fixed and
plan for the big day. I feel like time is slipping thru my hands like the sand
washing back out to sea. She is growing up so fast, she is going into high
school in the fall and it just doesn't seem possible. I feel myself letting the
strings go one at at time and before we know it she will be driving, then soon
after off to college. It seems like no so long ago we were deciding on what to
name her.

So, we went to the beach and J and J had a ball. The look on their faces the
first time setting foot on the beach was priceless. They again experienced some
firsts...first time to the beach, first time playing putt putt (first time
watching Nate nail 6 hole in 1), first time on a really long car ride...all lots
of fun.

We also took a trip to Chicago and had a chance to visit with the Calderaro's.
Remember Sofia who met her forever family the same day we met J and J? We hung
out with Peggi, Ed and Sofia while in Colombia and it was great to hang out with
them again at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for the day and then go to dinner.
We were super excited to get to see them again. Sofia is just so darn cute and
so full of personality. I just adore the Calderaro's and feel like they I have
known them forever.

So, we have had lots of fun this summer! Now we are in full swing with all four playing fall sports, getting ready for Emi and Nate's birthdays, and preparing to go back to school in just a few short weeks. I always have a mini melt down in August...I hate to see another school year begin, they go by so quickly. I will have a 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th grader...sniff sniff.

I tell ya, I am quite spoiled with 4 AMAZING kids. I get comments all the time
from people on how great our kids are. Enough said! :)