Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Time

(I have no idea why the spacing on this post is so messed up...I can't seem to fix it)
I can't believe it's spring and we have just completed our 2nd anniversary
Gotcha Day. It's been so amazing to watch our family mesh together. Jess and
Joaquin fit ever so perfectly in every way...right down to them loving to sing
along to the radio in the car like the rest of us. Adoption is truly a miracle.
We have discussed the option of adopting from Africa and as much as it is on my
heart, it's not financially right for us at the moment. HOWEVER, Emi has assured
us that she WILL be adopting from Africa someday and not to worry! The vision
ingrained on my heart may not be for my own child, but oh how lives in me daily.

Emilee, Nate, Jess and Joaquin are thriving and lovers of life. They are soul
mates as siblings, which again reveals the miracle of adoption to me. With the
ages of Jess and Joaquin when we adopted them they have a lot of memories from
their home country. We speak openly of adoption, Colombia and and how we came to
meet them. Jess still often brings up things she remembers and is comfortable
asking questions. They openly tell us they are happy and glad Jesus put our
family together. Our social worker even commented on how easy things have been
for them as far as adjusting. Resilient little survivors, full of life,
accepting of love, and confident in who God made them. Are we Blessed?...You
bet, and we count our blessings every day!

At the Circus

Jess learning to walk the tight rope

So what have we been up to?
Well...Basketball season came to and end. Emi Cheered for the 8th grade school
team and Nate made the 7th grade team for the school. Jess and Joaquin took a
session of karate and have been involved in a swim clinic with the Cincinnati
Marlins. They love love love to swim. Jess is doing a fabulous job. And Joaquin
is not far behind her. they can swim the length of the Marlins pool freestyle,
and backstroke. They are working on butterfly and some other strokes. Emilee is
running track again this spring and doing great on her 400 meter runs and relay.
Emi has tried out for high school cheerleading and she made the Junior Varsity
team for the football season and the freshman team for basketball; we are very
proud of her hard work. Nate is now full swing into his select baseball, playing
catcher and left field. So as you can see, all we do is RUN RUN RUN. But the
kids grades are good and they love their activities.

Emi and Nate were both inducted into the National Honor Society. We had
wonderful weather for Easter, so painting eggs and hunting them was lots of fun.
Our cat hat kittens and Joaquin wants to keep them all. He is going to be upset
when they all go to their new homes, even though we told him we can't keep them

And Emilee was asked to be Hunter's God Mother

Joaquin had his 7th Birthday. When we asked him what he would like to do he said
he wanted to have a "game day" with the whole family and eat hot dogs. So we got
some of his favorite games and went to Mimi and Papa's house to celebrate.

Other than that...Jess has been begging to go to the beach and find sea shells.
So for vacation this year we are going to Myrtle Beach with my parents, brother,
sister, nieces and nephews. Should be a good time.

I can't believe school is almost over and summer is just around the corner.
Time flies when you're having fun!