Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just a few pics

My mom, sister and I took the kids to Disney on Ice. I've never seen Joaquin sit so still for so long, he was memorized. They are having so much fun and we are having fun watching them grow.

Halloween for Jess and Joaquin was a treat. They had a ball.

Eric and Nate on the bus before Nate took off to his Superbowl game. His team won again, what an exciting day. Nate played the entire game, offense and defense. His team has won 4 years in a row against the same team. And once again he was one of the 4 captains for the final game.

My family are big hunters. We love deer meat, but Eric doesn't have a chance to hunt. So I always have to hope my dad, brother and sister get enough deer to share each year. Nate has gone hunting for several years with my dad, but was never old enough to hunt on his own, shoot with his own gun. So this year we took him and my nephew to the hunter safety classes and they got their hunting permits. Nate was so excited to go in the woods with his gun. It's youth week in Ohio this week, so my Dad took Nate out and my brother took my nephew to the woods.

Remember that gun Nate got in a pic a few posts ago? Well he put it to good use today. Nate's first deer. He told me before the went hunting "Mom, I want to fill your freezer!" Well, he's off to a good start!