Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Is July Really Over?

At this point it feels like forever since we were in Colombia. I look back at some of the experiences we had and can hardly believe it was just a few months ago.

A few weeks ago Eric was out with Jessica and Joaquin for a few hours while I was out running with Emi and Nate. Once we returned home, just the 3 of us, it didn’t take long before we realized how quiet the house was, it seemed there was no movement, no life. Emi and Nate very quickly noted the change and asked each other if they remembered what life was like before J and J. A few days later Nate came to me and said “Mom, remember when we were talking the other day about how it was without J and J here when they were with Dad? Well, I didn’t like the feeling.” Of course it brought a big smile to my face. Then Emi and I were working the nursery at church and I was listening to a conversation Emi was having with a little 3 yr old about favorite colors. I heard her say something so simple that practically brought tears to my eyes. She said “My little sister likes purple and pink.” Seems like nothing right? But hearing Emi say “MY Little Sister” and it was such a cool thing to hear. Sisters! And they are bonding just like sisters should!

The dreaded “back to work” phrase has come up, I am loving the time with the kids and the freedom of time to take care of things at home. I am trying now to set my mind on working again, just part time for now. At least until Joaquin is in school full time. Mid August will be here before you know it and a new routine will begin.

We had our first post adoption meeting this week, which went well. Our first of 4 or 5 check ups and reports to go back to Colombia. We are still waiting on Jessica’s citizenship certificate so we can’t proceed with finalizing the re adoption until that comes. We have had Joaquin’s for weeks and weeks. They have met with the infectious disease clinic at Children’s Hospital and are being tested and immunized. Joaquin was in pretty good shape with immunizations, but Jessica only ever had 3 immunizations, so she needed like 15 or 18 shots. The doctor wanted to test her for several things and do a battery of blood tests before having to give her so many shots. They feel like she may have had more shots than recorded and are testing to see. Children’s is great, they asked me if I wanted an interpreter for the kids, I didn’t even have to ask. I thought with needles involved they may feel more comfortable if everything could be explained clearly to them and they could ask questions, all of this in hopes to put them at ease.

Other side notes…Joaquin is using a ton of English and understands almost all of what we say. Jess, well she understands alright, but just recently started using more English. I guess she feels like “Hey the family understands what I say, so why convert”. It will come, especially when school starts.

Jess is begging to go to Disney World. She saw the scrap book from when we took Emi and Nate a few years ago. So we are planning our summer vacation next year to Disney. My sister, brother and their families are going to go along with my folks, grandpa and aunt and uncle! It should be a great time. My nieces will be 3 ½ and 4 ½, and Jess is in love with the princesses so it will be magical. I was looking into tickets and for all 6 of us for 5 day hopper tickets will be like $1500! That’s why we aren’t going till next year! Smile! But it will give the kids something to look forward to. Time flies and the Disney vacation will be here before you know it.

Eric’s brother and his family came up to visit a few weekends ago and his mom just spent the week with us, which the kids loved. It was nice for her to be able to spend some time with them here at the house and just enjoy them. And of course they all loved the attention and time with Mamaw Starla!

I am so proud of all of the kids, it’s hard to know just want to blog about because everything is going so well. I know school will be a big adjustment, but I imagine after the first two weeks they will be in full swing and handling it just fine. We went to the school again today and Emi took Jess and Joaquin to their rooms to show them around again. The teachers already have much of the rooms set up and it’s been good for the kids to have stepped foot in the school and classrooms a few times before school begins, and to see the familiar face of Miss Margie, the sooooo sweet secretary that we love and adore.

The funny story for today…we were at Old Navy finding shirts to wear for an upcoming photo appointment. I’ve mentioned before that my little latino is Mr Sticky Fingers. He has to touch everything, I mean everything. So most of the time he has to hold my hand while in a store. But sometimes I get brave and let him go after giving instructions to stay with me. Well, he had been so good all day and I got brave. One of his favorite things to say is “what’s this?” I hear it a million times while in a store. So I was checking out a shirt for the girls, he was next to me, no problem. Then all the sudden I hear, “What’s this Mom?” and as I turn my head I hear this awful alarm and see him pushing the handle to the emergency exit door. Jessica and Emi take off hand in hand away from us, neither one of them wanted anyone to know they were with us. Then Joaquin says, “No Touch????” Well I couldn’t help but laugh, what could I do. I apologized to the folks around me, who luckily also found it funny, I’m sure it was just because he is so darn cute. Once they turned the alarm off and the girls decided it was okay to be seen with us again, Jess was sure to give Joaquin the evil eye and say “that’s why mom says don’t touch!”

Never a dull moment…I wouldn’t have it any other way!

That's my girl, bare feet on the ball field

All ready to watch Hannah Montana in 3D