Tuesday, April 14, 2009

1 Year Anniversary - Gotcha Day

It’s been a year already…I can hardly believe it. Time has flown by, but at the same time it’s as if J and J have been here forever. It is truly amazing how God places just the right kiddos with just the right family. I watch over and over again, family’s adoption stories unfold and continue to be amazed at how the pieces fit so perfectly. On Easter I wore the same outfit I had on when we met J and J. Jess immediately said, “Mom, that’s the same clothes you had on when you came and got us!” It’s an emotional experience to talk to Jess about things. She is old enough and mature enough to understand the whole process and she doesn’t forget anything. She and I sat one afternoon and she was telling me how scared but happy they were on the day the met us. She said she was happy to have a family but scared because they didn’t know us. I think the grieving of their past started for me a few months ago. The first several months were bonding, training, etc. But I find myself easy to tears the last few months and I think a lot is due to grieving for them and their past. I began translating their protection file and got about half way thru the 200 ish pages. I had to take a mental break. It can be overwhelming. God has blessed us with 4 absolutely amazing and wonderful children, and I fall short as a mother so often and pray for God’s grace and guidance with our precious jewels.

So, what’s been up with us??? Jessica was in her first school play and was SOOOO excited. She spoke of the play every day for 2 months. She got the part of a gypsy moth. She had to dress as a gypsy with wings. She fit the part…smile. She practiced her lines and knew them well. She was nervous to get on stage, which was cute. She knew every move and word to every song and was sure to wave to all of the family in the audience. My mom cried when she saw her on stage…but she also cried when she saw Emi in a track race passing up 3 girls and putting her relay team in first…proud grandma!

Joaquin got to celebrate his 6th birthday on Saturday with family and friends. We went to an inflatable bouncer place, which was perfect for kindergartners and for Joaquin’s energy. His birthday is on Friday…my baby will be 6!

Emilee was inducted to the National Honor Society. She has had straight A on her report card all year. Once in 7th grade you can be asked to join the National Honor Society.

Easter was a lot of fun too. They had never colored eggs and thought it was a bunch of fun to color eggs, have an egg hunt and celebrate Jesus with the family.

Nate had 4 permanent teeth pulled this morning, so no big plans for today, our Gotcha Day. But yesterday, Eric took off at lunch and met us at the Children’s Museum. It’s not as much fun for Emi and Nate, they are getting kind of old for it, but Jess and Joaquin had a blast and Emi and Nate were super sports. They helped and played with the J and J and enjoyed themselves too. We went for ice cream after several hours of playing. It was a great day just the 6 of us staying close to home and just enjoying each other.

A year ago today, a major chapter in our lives began, a chapter filled with lots of memories and an unforgettable time, an amazing journey.